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Do you love labrettes that have that certain something? This Bioplast labret is the perfect companion for everyday wear. The three small balls make this piece of jewelry a fine and timeless earcatcher that you can combine wonderfully.

The piercing has a thickness of 1.2 mm and a length of 8.0 mm. This piercing is only available as a complete item. Unfortunately, the attachment is not available as a replacement item! 

Bioplast™ is a flexible plastic with proven biocompatibility. The plastic does not contain nickel and cannot cause allergic reactions. The material therefore supports the rapid healing process of the skin and is ideally suited for initial use. Bioplast™ can be combined with all Wildcat Bioplast attachments. Bioplast™ is suitable during the healing phase, for use during medical procedures or as jewelry during pregnancy and is also ideal for permanent use. 

You can use it in a wide variety of places. The stud looks particularly beautiful in your helix, lobe, medusa or as a lip piercing.


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