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As the saying goes, “Let flowers speak!” Flowers and blossoms are a symbol of love and a symbol of feminine beauty. However, since they fade quickly, they are often a symbol of transience. This characteristic gives this beautiful labret a deeply poetic touch and reminds us to cherish the precious moments in life.

The Push Fit Labret in 1.2 mm thickness is available in different lengths. The matching push fit attachment is made of high quality 925 silver. Due to the skin-friendliness of the material, the labret is also absolutely safe for allergy sufferers.  

Note: PTFE plastic, like all plastics, should only be steam sterilised in an autoclave. PTFE plastic is NOT suitable for hot air sterilisation.

You can use the labret on a variety of body parts. This beautiful labret is especially suitable for your Helix piercing, your Lobes or your Medusa piercing.


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