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Our “Ear-Catchers”: Little Clip Creoles with Charms!


We have the absolute trend jewellery for you. These little creoles come with a cool upgrade, since the creoles possess beautiful charm hangers that can be easily fitted into the ring-shaped earrings. In that way, you can embellish your outfit by adapting your ear jewellery. Whether rocky, mystic, classic, bohemian or elegant, there is something for everyone. Get your favourites and score in all aspects!

Little tip: You can wear these wonderful creoles also with your tunnels.


The base Creole has an inner diameter of 14.0 mm. The pendant has a size of 19.5 x 8.0 mm. The thickness of the pins is 1.0 mm, the thickness of the creole 2.5 mm.


25,00 €Price
Only 2 left in stock