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Maybe you've already noticed - mind's eye designs are all the rage at the moment! The "third" - or also called "inner eye" - symbolises the gate through which one can enter inner worlds and spaces of higher consciousness.

Inner intuition guides us through life as a signpost. It is not uncommon for us to have an uneasy feeling about something. The so-called "sixth sense" and our emotions thus allow us to make the right decisions.

You feel particularly connected to your inner eye and want to express this? Then the Inner Eye Barbell is just the thing for you!

This barbell is a piercing stud that you can use in many places! In any case, it is an eye-catcher, especially because of its distinctive shape, and its individual design will show it off very well. The piercing has a thickness of 1.2 mm, a width of 6.0 mm and a length of 8.5 mm. The barbell stable is made of stainless steel, the attachment is made of 925 sterling silver.

Design size: 6.0 mm x 8.5 mm

Unscrewable ball: 3.0 mm 


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